Executive Summary
The next step in the evolution of renting platforms: Cheaper, Leaner, Crypto
In a similar way to how sharing-economies like Uber, Lyft or Airbnb reshaped industries and consumer behavior in the previous decade, we are now witnessing a core transformation of IT foundations via the adoption of new technologies, concepts and economic doctrines such as DeFi, laying the groundwork for the next evolutionary step.
Throughout this transformation, blockchain technology demonstrated its industry-disruptive capabilities and innovative abilities which Rentible aims to implement into a next-generation Proptech platform, offering tokenized incentives via its proprietary cryptocurrency fueling the ecosystem - RNB
Among other utilities, RNB can be used for receiving and redeeming rewards and discounts, processing transactions, initiating services, and accessing staking.
Founded by a team of seasoned Proptech and senior developers and blockchain experts, Rentible will build upon the award-winning Lakotarsak platform and its partnering site RoomMatesUK, originally built to support students and young professionals looking for mid-to-long-term shared accommodation which grew to support over a million users.
"For Real Estate, Blockchain has the potential to transform the way we do business. The handling of money and transactions will inevitably change, and that change is already underway" (Mark Zilbert - Executive VP at Brown Harris Stevens, Forbes)
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