Market Opportunity
With new technological innovations emerge new business models

Market Overview

The expansion of shared economies is forecasted to reach $335 billion by 2025 (PWC research)
As the economic fallout resulting from the global pandemic intensifies and with Millennials facing the reality of having to pay 39% more than Baby Boomers to buy a flat, purchasing a property is steadily becoming an out-of-reach dream which further fuels the already unprecedented increase in the number of individuals looking for mid-to-long-term rentals, measured at approximately 1.12 billion globally with a total generated private residential income in the U.S. and U.K. alone reaching USD$36bn and £55bn respectively, representing huge potential when interfacing it into the booming cryptocurrency market.
As was indisputably publicly shown in Q1 2021, now is the time to develop decentralized platforms. As seen in recent months through the explosion of DeFi, NFT and privacy protocols, consumers are pivoting en-mass from fully centralized platforms to decentralized ones which have the power to solve many traditional problems existing in the markets and offer value through their explosive potential for swift growth on a global scale.
The current heavily centralized nature of the proptech industry makes it perfectly suited for blockchain-modernizing ventures and this is where Rentible seeks to take a center disruptive stage.
As a decentralised ecosystem and sharing-economy, Rentible will operate in the highly energetic mid-to-long-term rentals sector valued at close to $3.2 trillion and is set to position itself as a first-mover among the next-generation Proptech ventures that are sure to follow in its footsteps into this expanding global market.

Target Market

One of Rentible's unique advantages is its appeal to both the growing, high-value user base of early adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and to the "less-informed" countless millions worldwide looking to shift their rental transactions from fiat to crypto, but don't know where and how to start.
Rentible will serve as an easy onboarding gateway for simplifying this process for all.
As demonstrated in the statistical chart below, the fast-growing adaptation of blockchain wallets has been steadily growing, almost doubling over a short year, and with mainstream mega companies like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard bringing cryptocurrency into the masses, these numbers will exponentially skyrocket. On top of that, based on the technology adoption curve, even with this rapid growth we are still in the early-adopter phase of a technology, set to drastically impact online transactions, interactions and wealth generation.
Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as early adopters, are a sought-after consumer demographic consisting of mostly tech-savvy, highly insightful, broad-horizon individuals, many of whom are highly dedicated to advancing the integration of cryptocurrency and decentralization into mainstream business models.
Our team shares the same passion and aims to have a direct line of communication with its community - where interaction, sharing ideas and knowledge will provide an integral part in the development of the platform and the ecosystem’s growth.
The second major niche segment consists of a global need and widespread use cases, made more evident by the unfolding devastating effect of the pandemic. While in the past, students and young professionals at the start of their careers held the significant majority opting for shared accommodation in an attempt to lower living costs, nowadays professionals with stable jobs constitute close to half of total flat-sharers, especially in more sought-after cities such as London, New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. In France for example, 23% of flat sharers are over the age of 31; in Germany where more than 30% share accommodation in main cities, or in the U.K, where the number of flat-sharers in their 40's tripled.
In a higher market resolution, due to their global mobility, need for cheap cross-border transactions, accountability for their deposit and protection from online fraud across regions, international students, expats and relocators will find great usage of the platform, as has been the case on our existing home-sharing platforms. The 207 million higher education students spread across cities worldwide together with more than 258 million international migrants and close to 88M professional expatriates as indicated by recent “Global Expatriates” Finaccord’s report for 2021, constitute a valuable niche of the market. In parallel, on the other side of the coin - landlords and homeowners will also greatly benefit from the Rentible ecosystem, which will make it possible for them to be finally able to easily, privately and securely receive their rent payments in cryptocurrency rather than in Fiat.
Rentible is in a unique position of tapping into these large sections of the market via its incentivized tokenization program, cost-reducing disintermediation verticals and extensive understanding of the market.
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