Market Opportunity
With new technological innovations emerge new business models

Market Overview

The expansion of shared economies is forecasted to reach $335 billion by 2025 (PWC research)
With younger generations facing the reality of needing to pay 39% more than Baby Boomers to buy a flat, purchasing a property is steadily becoming an out-of-reach dream that further fuels the unprecedented increase in the number of individuals opting for property rentals. With a multitrillion real-estate rental market and a $14B global property management market, the merging of real-estate with blockchain and crypto creates high potential opportunities.
As seen in 2021 through the explosive impact of DeFi projects, NFTs and privacy protocols, consumers are pivoting from fully centralized platforms to decentralized ones that offer value in introducing innovative solutions and streamlined processes.
The current heavily centralized nature of the Proptech (property technology) industry makes it perfectly suited for blockchain-modernizing ventures, and this is where Rentible seeks to take a disruptive center stage.
Rentible will operate in the highly energetic property management sector and set to position itself as a first-mover among the next-generation Proptech ventures that are sure to follow into the space.

Target Market

One of Rentible's unique advantages is its appeal to the growing high-value user base of early adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the more mainstream "less-informed" looking to shift their transactions from Fiat to crypto but don't know where to start.
The adoption rate of blockchain wallets has been steadily growing, almost doubling over a year, and with corporates like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard making cryptocurrency more accessible to mainstream audiences, these numbers will skyrocket.
Early adopters and Cryptocurrency-enthusiasts are a consumer demographic consisting of tech-savvy, broad-horizon individuals dedicated to advancing the integration of Blockchain technology and decentralization into mainstream business models.
Landlords looking to get into crypto or accumulate since they factor that had they received rent in 2020 in Bitcoin or Ethereum instead of in Fiat their yield would have quadrupled if not more in 2021, and tenants looking to benefit from access to direct liquidity and increased protection of their privacy and cross-border transactions.
As a properties dApp at its core, Rentible's ecosystem also includes a first-of-its-kind marketplace for trading metaverse properties across different worlds, enabling participants to buy, sell, lease or trade NFT backed virtual real-estate assets on the Blockchain.