Q1 2021

    Whitepaper Release

Q2 2021

    Token Sale
    Listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
    Deposit Smart Contract
    Token Contract Audit
    Staking DApp Launch
    Listing on Additional Exchanges - CEX/DEX

Q3 2021

    Crypto Payment Protocol
    MVP Mockups
    Partnerships Buildup
    Platforms Development

Q4 2021

    Platforms Development
    Closed environment MVP
    Rentible V1 Platform Launch (beta)
    Rentible V1 Mobile Apps Launch (beta)

Q1-Q2 2022A

    Testing and Release Candidate
    Extended Partnerships
    Initial Version Release
    Rental Agreement Smart Contract
    Off-Chain / Cross-Chain Transaction optimization

Q3-Q4 2022+

    Extended Partnerships (Local/Regional)
    Additional Features Development
    Expansion into Territories (Worldwide)
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